Why Vinyl May be the Best Choice for Your Home Windows

Homeowners must consider several factors when it comes time to get new windows, including whether they should be wood, vinyl, or another type of material. While improving the appearance of the home and improving re-sale value are certainly important, homeowners also need to think about energy efficiency, maintenance, cost, and quality. Vinyl has clear advantages

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Types of Window Frames

There are so many different types of window replacements available in the market today, each with varying degrees of energy-efficiency that consumers may be unaware of. To help consumers make informed decisions, the Department of Energy (DOE) has compiled a brief overview of the following different types of window frames and their benefits and features: Aluminum

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PG&E Recommendations On Window Replacement

PG&E, the largest utility provider in Northern California, offer some recommendations on how to upgrade your home’s window. PG&E present two options; either improve the efficiency of your home’s existing windows or consider new window replacements. For existing windows, caulking or weather-stripping are a cost-effective way to insulate and seal air pockets in order to

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