Wood Windows: Benefits and Features of Wood Window Replacement

Replacement windows are an excellent option for homeowners or commercial property owners experiencing energy loss through their windows. Replacement windows often improve energy efficiency significantly and decrease monthly energy costs for property owners. Wood windows are a very popular option in replacement windows because they are the preferred aesthetic choice for many homeowners. They also provide great insulation and prevent the escape of energy from the home.

History of Wood Windows

Wood windows have been used in window making for centuries. With the introduction of new man made materials, wood windows remain a classic choice and a traditional window replacement option for many homeowners. Over time, wood has proven to be an excellent material for thermal insulation because of the wood’s natural insulating qualities. With many homeowners losing upwards of 30% of their home’s energy through the windows, the wood frame material is thermally non-conductive, which has made wood a premier choice for window replacement.

What are Clad Windows?

Wood windows used for replacement purposes are usually referred to as clad windows. In clad windows, the wood has been covered with aluminum or vinyl. This step helps to offset the amount of maintenance needed to keep wood windows looking polished and bright after installation. Wood windows without a coating of either vinyl or aluminum may need frequent repainting and maintenance, due to the wood’s proclivity to decay through exposure to harsh elements.

Advantages to Wood Window Replacement

Many homeowners prefer wood windows instead of vinyl or aluminum windows for aesthetic purposes. For homeowners that desire a more traditional appearance and can perform the necessary maintenance and repainting, wood windows are an excellent choice for window replacement. While clad windows may have an outer coating that helps to protect the wood from the elements, these windows are more durable and look very similar to traditional wood windows. Wood windows that feature weather stripping and quality hardware are particularly exceptional in terms of insulation and appearance. Clad windows are also more easily maintained than traditional wood windows.

Other Considerations about Wood Windows

Comparatively, wood windows are often more expensive than vinyl windows or aluminum windows. Quality wood windows may be more expensive initially, but homeowners can recoup these costs through selecting the best quality of wood and materials to boost the resale value of the home, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance curb appeal.

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