Window design is a big decision for homeowners. It’s a decision that can impact your home’s energy efficiency, security, and durability. The best window designs let in the most sunlight and air while remaining secure against the elements — so it’s important to get it right!

Here are the latest window design trends to help you make the best selection for your new or remodeled home:

Picking the right window design to suit your home is important.

Choosing the right window design to suit your home is important. Windows are an important part of any home, because they let in light, air, and can help with heating and cooling.

unique shapes are a 2023 window design trend

When you’re choosing a new window for your house or apartment it’s important to think about what kind of style you’d like for your space. There are many different types of windows that you can choose from: bay windows, casement windows (also called hinged) or double-hungs; each one has its own benefits.

For example, impacts of home windows may include:

  • How much natural light they let into the room as well
  • How much privacy they provide when closed when someone wants quiet time
  • The ability to block outside noises such as traffic or construction

The traditional window design might not be the best one.

The traditional window design might not be the best one. Black window frames have been a popular choice for the last few years, but arched windows are unique and can be a main focal point of your home. Chunky trims also make home windows pop, so consider installing them on your next project!

Energy-efficient windows are in

Energy-efficient windows are a top priority for homeowners. In fact, according to Energy Star, heat gain and loss through windows are responsible for up to 30 percent of heating and cooling energy use in homes. Understanding the impact of solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) ratings on the overall efficiency of your home’s windows is important when considering replacements or upgrades.

The SHGC number tells you how well insulated a window is against incoming solar radiation; it measures how much heat passes through a window based on its color and glazing material. The lower the number, the better insulated your windows will be against UV rays that can fade carpets and furniture over time–and potentially damage artwork hanging above them!

Impact-resistant windows are popular for many reasons

impact resistance is popular window design trend in coastal areas

Impact-resistant windows are popular for many reasons. For starters, they offer storm-resiliency in areas prone to high winds or hurricanes.

Additionally, impact-resistant windows are popular with families where kids where baseballs and other projectiles are a concern.

Finally, impact-resistant windows are more difficult to break, discouraging would-be thieves from trying to break them.

Looks for windows that let in more air and light

As we look towards the future of residential window design, it’s important to consider what factors are going to be most important. One thing is for sure: homeowners will want their windows not only functional, but also beautiful.

The best way to achieve both goals is by incorporating large bay and bow windows into your home. These types of windows allow natural light to flood a room while providing excellent air circulation through their large size.

With good air circulation comes better health! Good ventilation has been proven as one way that you can limit the spread of air-borne viruses like COVID-19, which is why homeowners should look for this feature in their new window designs.

When planning to remodel your home, windows selection matters

When planning a remodel it’s important to consider which windows you need in the house. Windows provide light and air for the interior of a room, but they also add style. If you’re looking for an affordable way to add value and security to your home, new windows are an excellent choice!

It’s important to consider all of the latest window design trends before purchasing. That way you get exactly what you want out of them. If you’re looking for something traditional or modern then we have plenty of options available for both styles!

If you want something more energy efficient then check out our impact-resistant options; they provide excellent insulation against outside noise while still allowing light into your living space

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