National Assoication of Home Builders LogoThe National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) conducted a survey among home buyers on the type of window features they look for in their ideal homes. In the survey, participants were asked to rank a number of window characteristics according to “not important” or “essential”. The study concluded that there is a steady growth for energy-efficient windows with Energy Star windows receiving the most “essential” responses than any other window characteristics. As well, the study illustrate that as homeowner age, their desire for energy-efficient windows increases with 80% of participants under the age of 35 rated energy-efficient windows as “essential” compared to 90% of participants over the age of 55. With the shift toward lowering energy consumption to reduce utility cost, the federal tax credit act and Energy Star programs that educate consumers about the value of energy-efficient products all contributed to the rise in home buyer’s preference for energy-efficient homes.

AAA Windows has taken account to the high demand for energy-saving features in homes and provide a number of energy-efficient windows including fiberglass windows replacement and vinyl replacement windows to address home buyers new preference for energy-saving homes.


By: Paul Doh

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