Aluminum Windows: Benefits and Features of Aluminum Window Replacement

aluminum windows and doorsAluminum windows are an excellent window replacement option for commercial properties and may also be used in residential properties. Aluminum windows are one of the strongest and most durable window materials and have historically been one of the most popular window types. Aluminum is also used to encase wood windows to strengthen and protect them from the elements. These aluminum-reinforced windows are called clad windows.

Advantages to Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows, unlike other window types, are rust-resistant and are an excellent material for weathering the outside elements. Aluminum windows are frequently used in commercial properties for their strength, durability, and noise reduction properties. Aluminum is heavy, making this material ideal for use in commercial buildings, oversized windows, or uniquely shaped windows. Aluminum windows can also be painted to more closely match the interior and exterior design of the property.

Aluminum windows are also aesthetically attractive and improve the overall look of a home or commercial property. By enhancing curb appeal and boosting the resale value of the home, aluminum windows are a great choice for property owners that want to create a beautiful appearance with strong, highly durable windows.

Drawbacks to Aluminum Windows

One drawback to aluminum windows is that they are less energy efficient than vinyl, fiberglass, or wood windows, and are not as good at keeping heat or cool air inside the building. Aluminum windows are also more prone to condensation than other window materials and do not provide optimal insulation. Since aluminum is not a good thermal conductor, the outside temperatures can be transferred through aluminum windows.

Aluminum Windows a Great Choice for Commercial Properties

In light of these drawbacks, aluminum windows are better suited for commercial use rather than residential window replacement. Since commercial properties often have large openings, the strength and durability of aluminum windows is desirable for these buildings. Many commercial properties need intensely durable windows, and this is why many opt for aluminum windows instead of wood or vinyl. Homeowners, on the other hand, generally opt for the more energy efficient vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, or clad wood windows.

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