Have you ever wondered if your home’s windows are tempered? Do you know why it’s important to have tempered glass in your home? If so, then we’re here to help! Let’s go over some easy ways how to tell if glass is tempered and what the benefits of having them are.

Why tempered glass is important

Tempered glass is the strongest and safest type of window. It’s made by heating regular flat glass until it becomes pliable, then rapidly cooling it in a pressurized oven or furnace.

The rapid cooling process causes the outer surface of tempered glass to become extremely hard while maintaining its flexibility within. This makes it less likely to break into sharp shards when subjected to impact force.

Even if tempered glass does break, those shards are much smaller than they would be otherwise (and therefore less dangerous).

tempered and regular glass for home windows in a factory

Look for a number in the corner of windows

So how do you know if existing glass in your home windows is tempered? If you see a number in the corner of your window, it usually means that the glass has been tempered.

The number refers to the amount of times that the glass has been heated and cooled during manufacturing. If it says “1” then that means one cycle; if it says “2” then two cycles; and so on up to 5+ cycles.

Feel the edges of the glass

You can also feel the edges of tempered glass. Tempered glass feels smooth and rounded, while non-tempered glass will be sharp and jagged.

Check for a “T” symbol on your window

Try looking for a small “T” symbol on the glass. Check for it on both sides of the window. If you can’t find one, look for one on the frame and/or window installation certificate.

Tempered glass’s color and clarity

Look at the glass’s color and clarity. Tempered glass is clear, colorless, and hard to break–but not impossible to break. If you see any color in your window panes (and not just streaks or smears of dirt), then it’s probably not tempered glass.

To check tinted windows, look at them from different angles. If they are tinted only on one side, it’s likely these windows contain regular non-tempered glass.

Additionally, glass tinted on only one side may feature a film or coating over top of them. This coating makes them appear colored when viewed from certain angles but not others.

We hope you’ve learned how to tell if glass is tempered in your home and what that means for safety. If you have any questions about this process or would like more information on our products, please contact us today!

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