Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Windows: The Most Popular Window Replacement Option for Residential Properties

vinyl windowsVinyl Windows are the top rated window in North America and are a very popular window replacement option for a number of reasons. Vinyl windows are constructed from a material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Other materials may also be used to reinforce vinyl windows, but the primary material is PVC. These windows are well known for their energy efficiency and their relatively low cost.

Advantages to Choosing Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are an energy efficient, durable window replacement option for homeowners. Since they are resistant to heat flow with moderate to high R-values, replacing old windows with vinyl windows can translate to energy savings for property owners. Vinyl windows with higher R-values are more energy efficient, and, in turn, offer increased energy savings. Since these windows provide exceptional insulation against the elements, they can reduce heating and cooling costs by keeping energy contained within the home. Vinyl windows are also known to reduce noise from outside disturbances and to create a more peaceful, quiet home environment.

Vinyl windows are available in an assortment of elegant style and color options to suit various interior and exterior designs. Since these windows products may be the least expensive window framing option, vinyl windows are the ideal choice for replacing windows on a budget. Installation is also quick and efficient, further reducing the cost of window replacement for property owners.

Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free and do not need to be painted, stained, or scraped. Installation of scratch-resistant vinyl windows often prevents costly window replacements in the future. With premium weather stripping, vinyl windows drastically reduce or eliminate infiltration by air, water, and noise.

History of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl became a prominent material used in window making after World War II while a shortage of aluminum, wood, and steel plagued Germans as they were attempting to rebuild. After experimenting with vinyl, Germans and Americans found that vinyl was particularly well suited for use in window frames because of the material’s strength, durability, thermal performance, and aesthetic appearance. With the introduction of sleek, aesthetically pleasing designs, Americans adopted vinyl windows and began using them in residential and commercial home projects.

Are Vinyl Windows the Best Choice for Homeowners?

Vinyl windows are the perfect window option for residential properties, although aluminum windows are more widely used in commercial properties. Vinyl windows are the ideal choice for California weather, as they can easily stand up to the elements and provide highly energy efficient insulation. By reducing energy costs and energy consumption, property owners are finding that high performance vinyl windows are the best choice for residential and commercial properties.

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