PG&E, the largest utility provider in Northern California, offer some recommendations on how to upgrade your home’s window. PG&E present two options; either improve the efficiency of your home’s existing windows or consider new window replacements. For existing windows, caulking or weather-stripping are a cost-effective way to insulate and seal air pockets in order to conserve energy. For those considering replacement windows, window replacement provide a number of benefits beside energy saving such as comfort, security, noise reduction and aesthetic appeal.

Some tips to consider when looking for new replacement windows:

  • Look for ENERGY STAR labels as ENERGY STAR qualified windows can cut energy cost by up to 15%.
  • Look at the U-value of the window replacement as it specify how well the window insulates. The lower the number the better it insulates.
  • Check your region Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). SGHC reveals the amount of heat/sun gets transmitted through the windows.
  • Look for replacement windows with low air pockets or leakage value.
  • Look for a high condensation resistance value as it signify that the window replacement can effectively prevent moisture build-up.
  • Look for replacement windows that are made by either wood, vinyl or fiberglass as they are more insulating than aluminum.

As a supplier of energy-efficient windows replacement including fiberglass replacement windows, aluminium replacement windows  and vinyl window replacements, AAA Windows 4 Less encourage homeowners to conserve energy and welcome question they may have regarding the benefits and features of windows replacement.


By: Paul Doh

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