Winter has arrived in the Bay Area with a ferocity not seen in years around these (formerly) drought-stricken parts. The combination of cold weather and lots of rain drives a lot of new inquiries to our business, as drafty and leaky windows become obvious problems during storms. In the grander scheme of things, the changing weather is a reminder for homeowners of the importance of energy efficiency.

Modern, energy-efficient windows are a critical component of improving the comfort of a home. However, whether the goal is to improve comfort or to save money on PG&E bills, an energy efficient home in 2017 should include a number of components that go beyond just windows and doors.

The following infographic by Shea Homes is a great illustration of areas of the home that should be audited to improve energy efficiency. Item’s three through five on the graphic all deal either directly or indirectly with windows. Additionally, examining energy loss related to old appliances, poor (or non-existent) insulation, and poorly sealed air ducts are all good tasks to put on your to-do list as well.

energy efficient home in 2017

More Ideas for Energy Efficient Homes?

Do you have other suggestions on ways that homeowners can save energy and better modernize their homes in 2017? Sound off in the comments below and join the conversation!

One thought on “How to Have an Energy Efficient Home in 2017

  1. I like tip number 5 on the infographic, to upgrade the windows. It makes sense that this could be helpful in harsher areas because the heat could be kept out or in depending on the weather outside. It’s something I’ll have to keep in mind because my area can get pretty hot in the summer and new windows could help keep the AC inside.

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