Are you thinking about replacing some or all of the windows in your home? If you haven’t been through this process before, you probably have some questions. Here are several common questions and answers about window replacement.

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Replace My Windows?

There are a number of indicators that could act as signals that it’s time for window replacement. Among those are:

  • You feel a draft coming through your windows or window frames.
  • Your window frame is broken or cracked.
  • Your windows either won’t stay open or the locks no longer work.
  • Your windows are stuck or painted shut.
  • Your windows are more than 20 years old.

How Much Will Replacement Windows Cost?

Unfortunately, there is no perfect answer to this question. The fact is that replacement windows vary in cost depending on how many you need and the type you choose. Before you commit to buying replacement windows, ask for a free no-obligation consultation and estimate to discuss your options.

Do I Need to Replace All of My Windows at the Same Time?

Many homeowners wonder if they have to invest in replacing all of their home’s windows at the same time. In general, the answer is “no.” However, if you change your home’s window style, you might want to replace all of the windows in a section at once. Also, replacing more windows at one time will save you money on installation costs.

Can I Pick a Different Style of Window?

Yes! You can certainly choose a different style of window for your home. Your home’s windows can change the look of your home, and there are many choices of styles and colors to choose from.

How Can Replacement Windows Save Money?

One of the greatest benefits of replacing your home’s windows is that it will save you money long-term. New windows are more energy-efficient and provide better home insulation, which will reduce your home’s energy costs.

What is Low-E?

Low-E is a technologically-advanced replacement window system that helps your window resist heat and UV rays. Low-E is a film coating on the window that reflects radiant infrared energy while still allowing visible light to come through. Low-E not only helps with energy efficiency, but it also helps to protect your home’s fabric and flooring from UV damage over time.

How Long Does Window Replacement Take?

Once you’ve chosen your replacement windows, the installation is quick and pain-free. In most cases, window replacement for your home can be completed in just one or two days.

How Long Will My New Replacement Windows Last?

While nothing lasts forever, your home’s new windows will provide many years worth of energy-efficiency and durability. Replacement windows are virtually maintenance-free, and each window comes with a guarantee.

If you’re ready to talk about or schedule window replacement for your home, you may still have some unanswered questions. Be sure to ask your replacement window expert for clarification on any other issues that you wish to have addressed.

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  1. It’s interesting that some people might only replace one or two windows while other people could replace all of them. I’ve been wanting to replace the windows in my home but I’m not sure of redoing all of them would be worthwhile. I think just the top floor could be replaced because it would allow for them to look nice and function well to keep the sun at bay while the basement windows don’t need too much work. Thanks for the post!

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