According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), windows on average account for 25%-40% of annual heating and cooling costs in older houses. Homeowners who already have high performance windows, such as fiberglass window replacements and vinyl replacement windows, can look into more possible ways to save energy and reduce utility cost for their home by following these practical energy-efficient window treatment tips:

  • Awnings – Window awnings can reduce heat gain by up to 65%-77% in the summer. During the winter window awnings can be retractable and allow the solar heat to warm the home.
  • Blinds – Interior blinds and exterior blinds offer you the ability to adjust the slate so that the right amount of light and ventilation to come into the home.
  • Draperies – Depending on the fabric type and color, energy performance vary from one drapery to another. During hot seasons, closing the draperies on windows prevent heat gain by up to 33% and prevent heat loss by up 10% of when draperies are drawn during the colder seasons.
  • High Reflectivity Films – High-reflectivity window films help block heat from entering you home during the summer. Choosing silver, mirror-like films are more effective that colored and transparent films.
  • Insulated Panels – Insulating window panels or pop-in shutters are made in a way that seal tightly against the window frame thus preventing outside weather from changing the temperature in your home. It is preferable to use insulating window panels that have an R-values between 3.8 and 7.
  • Mesh Window Screen – Mesh window screens can circulate solar radiation and diminish heat gain in the hotter season.
  • Overhangs – Overhangs are effective in shading windows from summer heat and allow sunlight  and warmth through the window during the winter.
  • Shades – Window shades is the most common and most effective window treatments for saving energy. To achieve greater efficiency, use dual window shades as they can be reversed with the seasons.
  • Shutters – Interior and exterior window shutters can help reduce heat gain and loss in your home. Like blinds, shutters can be adjusted to allow heat in or block heat entering your home.
  • Storm Panels – You can reduce heat loss by up to 50% by combining storm panels with single-pane windows. Storm panels can be use on the exterior or interior of your home windows.


By: Paul Doh

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