7-tips-to-create-winning-window-displays-farmers-marketBrick and mortar retailers who do not have the financial means to pay for local advertisements such as billboards, radio ads and sponsorships, can utilize their store windows to create eye-catching window display for their products or service.

According to Noelle Nick, a visual merchandising designer for Cole Hardware in San Francisco, window display act as the billboards to your business and often time small retailers create window displays that are boring, cluttered or poorly lit.

Nick and other visual display designers share their experience and offer some tips to create an affordable eye-catching window display that will attract customers into your store. Tips include:

Create a viaul storyline – When the holidays roll around brick and mortar stores tend to create a simple window display based on the holiday itself such as displaying a window with hearts and red colors on Valentine’s Day. However, Nick suggest creating a storyline within the theme and then plug in all the pieces. For example, on Halloween, Nick hung a variety of brooms that Cole Hardware sells on a orange backdrop with as messages that said “Which Broom?”. This window display played on the storyline of the traditional witch on a broomstick theme as well as showcased the retailer’s large broom selection.

Keep it eye level – Before arranging a display, Nick recommend running a blue tape across the window to mark eye level from the street. Where the blue line lies, is where the key pieces or store promotional items will be aligned. Any other pieces that goes with the design of the theme can be displayed above or below the blue line as a background effect without drawing away from the key pieces.

Find the right position for lighting – Avoid positioning the lighting to be above the key pieces as it creates shadows which distracts that whole window display design. They recommend positioning the lighting to highlight focal points or on a few spotlights.

To see the full list of window display tips read here: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/223677

By: Paul Doh


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