tumblr_n0gno1O4XO1s2msiio1_500As the eyes are the windows to your soul, windows are the eyes to your home’s ambiance. Windows are a prominent feature as well as a defining element for the interior design. To bring a welcoming and comforting environment to your home, here are some important factors to consider when selecting your windows:

Layout – It’s important to consider the size and placement of the windows in your home before purchasing. Experts say to match the size, height and spacing from the outside vantage point of your home. Make sure to consider the proportion, molding and light patterns as well when structuring your windows layout.

Efficiency – Look for windows that are made with double-paned glass with insulating gas and heat-transfer-blocking low-emissivity coating. This type of windows provide great efficiency and are draft-resistant, lowering your overall utility bill and can qualify for tax breaks.

Aesthetic Appeal –  When installing the windows, keep the look consistent by matching the interior and exterior’s trim of the window with the rest of the windows in the home. As well, the window frames should be the same type throughout the home too. I you choose vinyl window replacement, all the windows addition should be vinyl as well.

Maintenance – Its best to choose windows that have a tilting mechanism for easy maintenance. For homes situated in extreme climate, windows that tilt can be washed on both sides of the panes from indoors making it convenient and easy to maintain.

Source: http://www.hgtvremodels.com/home-systems/choosing-windows-for-your-addition/index.html.

By: Paul Doh


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