window-clean-apartment-1Vinyl windows are a low-maintenance window replacement option for the home. However, vinyl windows do require some maintenance, albeit very little, to keep them looking like new. Here are some spring cleaning tips for maintaining and caring your vinyl windows:

Cleaning Supplies:

A mixture of mild dish detergent and water is an ideal cleaning solution for vinyl windows as it  doesn’t damage the surface. To leave no streaks and residue, use a small amount of the soap mixture to clean the windows. Water-based household cleaners or a mixture of 30% vinegar ad 70% water are great for removing stubborn stains such a mildew and grease. Do not use cleaners that contain strong solvents or acids, which produce fumes and can permanently damage vinyl surfaces. To wipe down the glass panes, use non-abrasive cloths or pads. Soft-bristle brush or toothbrush are an effective tool to dislodge dirt stuck in the cravats of the glass and the windows frames as well as between the ridges in textured surfaces.

Interior & Exterior Cleaning Method:

The simplest way to clean the interior side of the vinyl windows is to wash the surface with  soapy water and dry them off using a soft cloth. Cleaning the exterior side of the vinyl windows, on the other hand, can be quite a challenge. As mentioned earlier, use soft cloth or long-handled soft brush with the soapy water mixture to clean the surface of the windows. Starting from the top and working downward, set your garden hose to a moderate spray level to rinse the windows after washing it with the soap mixture. It is best not to use direct, full-pressure spray as it can leak in the vinyl frame.


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