4110258510_9dd0094e1f_b1With the season in full swing, many people are preparing for the holidays by getting gift-shopping lists in order, making travel arrangements, and preparing to make nice with those dreaded in-laws. Here at AAA Windows, we like to highlight events and causes that we feel embody the tenant of the holiday spirit we like the best: giving back.

This Friday will mark the 28th annual San Francisco SPCA (Society for the Protection and Cruelty to Animals) Holiday Windows Event at Macy’s. For almost 3 decades, The Macy’s store in Union Square has partnered with the SF SPCA to showcase adoptable cats and dogs in the windows. The main goal of the event is to help loving homes for as many animals as possible.

Historically the event has been very successful, but last year was their best to date. Last holiday season, the SF SPCA registered an all time high 339 adoptions and took in more then $87,000 in donations. Hopefully, a successful showing this year can help add to the list of over 2,300 animals that have found homes in the past decade.

Don’t fret if you are not in a position to bring one of the animals home, because you can still help in a number of ways. The SF SPCA needs volunteers to help manage the displays and animals, so signing up to cover a shift is a great way to join the cause. If volunteering does not work out, they will be accepting donations to help fund necessary health and housing costs for the animals.

For more information on how you can help, refer to the following links below:

Macy’s Holiday Window and Store Hours – Find out when and where you can see the animals

Volunteer Form – Fill out the form to volunteer for one of the shifts

Donation Form – Fill out the form to contribute financially. Every cent counts!

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