According to PG&E, standard aluminum frame windows does not provide proper insulation that windows should for your home and could be costly on your energy bill. Instead, they recommend vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, or vinyl-coated wood windows as they are effective in sealing outside air from coming into your home.

PG&E also recommend dual-pane glass windows for better resistance to heat flow, as the gap between two glasses is what creates the insulation. While, dual-pane glass windows help maintain your home atmosphere,single-pane glass windows does not provide the comfort household needs as it bring in the same temperature from the outside into the home.  The R-Value of dual-paned glass windows is 2 to 6 times higher than single-pane glass windows and will help lower the overall energy cost as well.

To further improve home windows insulation, PG&E recommend low-emissivity coating (low-E coating) on window surfaces that are facing directly at the air gap. Low-E coating reflects heat and allows the heat to stay inside the home as well as it provide a filter from damaging ultraviolet rays. Another recommendation for improved window insulation is using argon along with low-E coating. Argon is a denser clear gas that is filled between the dual-pane glass windows and prevent further heat to escape from your home.

Whether your concern is to conserve  energy, cut utility cost, or better home insulation, AAA Windows 4 Less is devoted to helping customers address all of their windows’ needs.


By: Paul Doh

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