With the constant increase in real estate pricing, people everywhere are downsizing their homes or apartments. In the Bay Area we have it particularly hard, as San Francisco is now officially the most expensive place to live in in the United States. With such confined spaces, you might be wondering how you can effectively open up spaces and make them appear as though they are larger in size. If you feel that a certain room in your house or apartment is too small, below are some tips that you can use to make the room appear larger.

Go VerticalAAA Photo 1

This trick will make your room look and feel larger. Utilize higher shelving to give yourself additional storage and make the best of the space that you are given. Do be careful when doing this, as stuffing shelves will make the room appear even smaller than it already is. Be sure to avoid clutter on these shelves to give the room a more open feel – choose a few cherished items and display them on the shelves.

Choose Art Carefully

Your choice of artwork has a huge impact on how big (or small) your room will look. Using big, blocky pieces on your walls will make the room appear cluttered and small. Choose smaller pieces and use them in moderation. By limiting the amount of accessories in the room, you are allowing more open space on the walls, making the room appear larger than it actually is. Additionally, mirrors make for great wall decorations that will not only style your room, but will make the room appear to open up due to their reflections of images, light and color.

Choose Colors Wisely

Choosing the right wall color for a small room is key. Painting the room a darker color will make the room feel small and grim. Using a neutral or pastel color has the ability to open the room up, creating a more airy feel.

Use Windows To Your AdvantageAAA Photo 2

The best way to open up a small space is to utilize light. Windows are a great way to rid a small room of a cave-like feel. In fact, the addition of even just one window will open the room up drastically. Natural light can open up any room, while giving people a nice glimpse at the great outdoors.

Contact Our Experts In Window Installation In San Jose & San Francisco, CA

Utilizing windows and natural light to your advantage may be our best tip for opening up a smaller room. If you are looking to give a room an airy feel, AAA Windows For Less offers a variety of windows at affordable prices. We specialize in a wide range of services, ranging from window replacement in the Bay Area, to window installation in San Jose. Get a free estimate from AAA Windows For Less and begin creating a more beautiful home or business for yourself and others.

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