The need to replace a window can arise suddenly, such as when someone throws a ball in the house and breaks it, or over many years due to normal wear. In either case, homeowners often feel unprepared to select a replacement window that best meets their needs. Before selecting a specific style of window, homeowners should interview a window contractor to ensure quality service. Below are five questions anyone who’s in the market for a replacement window should ask a contractor.

1. What type of insurance does the window replacement company carry?

At a minimum, a contractor who replaces windows should carry workers’ compensation insurance and comprehensive liability insurance. Both of these policies protect the home or business owner from financial loss in case of worker injury or poor quality of work. A reputable window replacement contractor won’t mind the homeowner asking to see his or her insurance certificates.

2. Learn about the company background.

Unfortunately, some people pretend to replace windows only to scam home and business owners out of their hard-earned money. The first thing anyone who needs a window replaced should do is learn the full business name and physical street address of any company he or she is considering hiring. This makes it simple to look up a Better Business Bureau report as well as online reviews from other customers. A few bad ratings are generally nothing to worry about, but a pattern of previous customers expressing the same complaint send a message of caution to future customers.

3. Can the contractor provide customer references and photos of previous work?

While home and business owners can always look up online reviews, speaking to a previous customer directly can give them a more detailed picture of what to expect when working with the same company. Additionally, a quality window replacement contractor is proud to show off his or her work. Some carry a photo album of completed projects while others may direct potential new clients to a website to view the work.

4. What is the warranty on workmanship?

No one wants to hire a window replacement contractor who doesn’t feel confident in his or her work. This is the reason why many companies offer a warranty of at least one year on all workmanship. That means the customer can receive repairs on the window at no charge if the contractor made an error when installing it. It’s important to understand that a workmanship warranty differs from a manufacturer’s warranty. The first covers problems with installation while the second covers issues in design and construction.

5. Does the contractor provide free estimates?

A written estimate allows the customer to budget for the expense as well as compare one company against another. Although most window replacement contractors offer free written estimates, it’s important to ask before accepting one. Keep in mind that price is just one small part of the decision in which company to hire.

After interviewing a few contractors, it’s time to evaluate their responses and choose one to hire. Asking detailed questions like the ones above will make the decision-making process much easier.

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