energy-star-window2ENERGY STAR qualified windows provide a variety of benefits that many homeowners may not be aware of. Aside from helping homeowners reduce cost on utility bills, ENERGY STAR qualified windows protects furnishings and finishes from sun damage allowing homeowners to enjoy the light and views. As well, because ENERGY STAR qualified windows are energy-efficient, they are better for the environment, helping to reduce greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions at the source.

Here are some features and benefits you can expect from ENERGY STAR Qualified Windows:

  • Energy Savings – ENERGY STAR qualified windows contain advanced technologies features that undesirable heat gain and loss such as invisible glass coating, enhanced framing materials, improved weather stripping, warm edge spacers and vacuum-sealed spaces filled with inert gas between the panes.
  • Comfortability – During the summer season, ENERGY STAR qualified windows has the ability to block 70%-99% of solar heat gain into the homes, keeping homes warm and cozy. In the winter months, ENERGY STAR qualified windows can reflect radiant heat from coming into homes, keeping the homes cool and comfortable.
  • Interior Protection – ENERGY STAR qualified windows with low-E coating can reduce fading and discoloration of photographs, furniture, flooring, and window treatments caused by repeated exposure to direct sunlight by up to 75%.
  • Reduce Condensation – ENERGY STAR qualified windows are built with advanced framing materials, glass coasting, spacers and other technologies to reduce the impact of condensation during cold weathers giving homeowners a clearer view.


By: Paul Doh

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