tumblr_mvee52V1Y81qb83abo1_500Reducing energy consumption in your lifestyle as well as in your home can have a major impact on the health of the environment such as cleaner air, reducing greenhouse gas and climate change. Homeowners and property owners can find way to save energy and reduce cost by following these easy and simple tips from energystar.gov.

Proper installation – To get the most benefit our of your windows, have them properly installed by trained professionals. Be sure to interview the potential contractor prior to hiring them as well as look thoroughly at their portfolio and years in experience. Professional window replacement contractors, like AAA Windows 4 Less, should offer the highest quality craftsmanship and customer service to every client.

Window Orientation – If you’re an architecture working on a new home construction or a homeowner planning to major addition to your home property, take into consideration where you should place your windows. It is best to position your windows to the south as the roof overhangs that face the south direction of the sun can help reduce energy consumption by providing shade during the summer time and solar heat gain during the winter season. Overhangs facing the east and west side of the sun are less effective.

Tree Planting – To provide additional shade needed in the summer time but also allowing solar heat gain in the winter season, strategically plant trees near the south, east and west side of your home where your windows are facing.

Sealing Air Leaks – It is said that if you add all the air pockets in your home, it can equal to the size of a open window. Sealing all the air leaks and gaps in and out of your home including around windows, doors, wiring holes, recessed lights, vents and others can maximize your home efficiency ad dramatically reduce your utility cost.

By: Paul Doh

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