energy efficient homes are happy homesPacific Gas & Electric Co. has released a number of resources on their website to help homeowner be more energy and cost-efficient. Resources include the following:

  • A list of energy saving tips that can reduce residents monthly utility bill by 10%-30%.
  • Energy Upgrade California is a program that provide information helping residents be energy-efficient in their homes as well as providing a list of companies that will audit and rate their home for energy usage.
  • A lists contractors who partake in PG&E’s program.

The cost for heat can be reduced by as much as 30% by stopping air leakage. Therefore, the Fremont Patch recommends these measures for closing air leakage around the home:

  • Conduct a energy audit around the home by keeping an eye out for the air pockets such as windows, doors, wall outlets and switches, plumbing vents etc.
  • Seal air leak around the windows with either quality caulk, covering windows with a transparent film or using self-adhesive weather strip.
  • If necessary, install insulation especially for homes that are really old.

AAA Window 4 Less can also help homeowners in Fremont and other Bay Area cities save energy and money with their energy-efficient solutions such as vinyl windows replacement, fiberglass replacement window and wood windows replacement.


By: Paul Doh

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