tumblr_n0jh4mralp1sfk4d5o1_500According to this article, http://www.dailyfinance.com/2013/02/07/frugal-fixes-for-drafty-windows-savings-experiment/, experts offer some economical solutions to keep heat from escaping your home.

Drafty windows can allow heat to escape from your home as much as 25%, this loss can considerably raise the cost of your heating bill. One low-cost solutions is installing energy-efficient curtains. Energy-efficient curtains can reportedly reduce heat loss by up to 25%. Depending on how many windows you have in the homes, energy-efficient curtains may not be viable solution as the cost of purchasing them can add up.

Another low-cost solutions in utilizing window films or bubble wraps. Window film seals any air gaps as well as block any heat that may try to escape through the windows. Window films are a lot more effective solutions compared to energy-efficient curtains as they can prevent as much as 50% of heat loss.

Weather-stripping is also a popular and cheaper solutions to keep heat from escaping your home. Weather-stripping seals any air gaps that may exist around the frames of the windows. If you have a higher budget to spend on drafty solutions, windows replacements are a much effective and energy-efficient solutions to heat loss.

Don’t let the heat or your money escape you and try out one of these economical solutions.

By: Paul Doh

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