Weatherproofing Tips for Winter

Keep warm and dry inside this winter by taking care of some home improvement chores this fall! Address areas of your home that could be vulnerable during storms, wind, and wintry weather now and curb energy costs, prevent property damage, and stay toasty this during the chilly months to come. It costs far less to

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How to Properly Seal & Maintain Exterior Windows

Any home improvement expert will agree that to maintain exterior windows requires good seals. From the simple single-pane windows of the past, to the energy-efficient, triple pane windows of today, poor seals cause problems. A broken or incomplete seal enables moisture and cold air to enter the home, negating the window’s insulating properties.. Therefore, it’s

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Household Maintenance Mistakes – Avoiding Water Damage

For water being an absolutely necessary component in every home, it’s a bit ironic that so many household problems are caused by water. We need water to be piped inside and out for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and lawn/garden care, but one small leak in any household water system can be potentially disastrous. Some problems

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