Fiberglass Windows: Benefits and Features of Fiberglass Window Replacement

Fiberglass windows by AAA Windows 4 LessFiberglass windows are one of the newest and most innovative materials to be used in window replacements, and they are now more widely accepted among property owners because of their thermal performance, climate durability, and reliability. The fiberglass material is impervious, strong, and durable, making it a perfect option for windows subject to the elements. Since this material is relatively new, it has not been widely adopted by homeowners or commercial property owners, although this is beginning to change. New tests have shown that fiberglass is highly durable, energy efficient, and is ideal for window replacement.

What are Fiberglass Windows?

Fiberglass is constructed from epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth and goes through a unique poltrusion manufacturing process that pulls a collection of fibers through a resin bath. The smooth finish and structural strength of fiberglass windows is ideal for residential and commercial window replacement projects alike.

Advantages of Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows have a thermal performance that exceeds American industry standards. As the most energy efficient window product on the market, fiberglass windows also feature dimensional stability because the material has virtually no expansion or contraction. In contrast, aluminum, vinyl, and wood are all known to expand and contract upon contact with extreme temperatures. Fiberglass windows expand and contract a shocking 800% less than vinyl windows, and as such, are very resistant to seal failure.

Fiberglass windows are becoming the standard window application for buildings over 3 stories. Buildings subject to energy codes must use fiberglass windows to meet industry standards. Fiberglass windows are much stronger and more durable than vinyl windows and have been shown to have more than 8 times the strength of traditional vinyl windows.

Fiberglass windows are also an aesthetically pleasing option for homeowners or commercial property owners, as they can be painted in a wide array of light or dark colors. Installation flexibility allows these windows to be installed in virtually any type of property. Fiberglass windows are also very low maintenance because the materials are resistant to weathering and decay.

Why Choose Fiberglass Windows for Window Replacement?

For commercial or residential properties, fiberglass windows are the most innovative, energy efficient option on the market. With several desirable window framing properties and an assortment of style and color options, fiberglass windows are becoming the premier choice for window replacement. Since fiberglass windows block outside noise and provide excellent insulation, these windows can improve your property’s aesthetic appeal, increase energy efficiency, and reduce energy costs.

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